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Cosa abbiamo scoperto


Our team, Angels in the Air (AITA) from Liceo Scientifico Linguistico E. Fermi Nuoro, is analysing all data in order to inform citizens about the funds that are allocated by European Union.
These funds are addressed to AREUS, which is a branch of the Sardinian health care system that deals with emergencies.
In particular, we would like to understand how the system works, and inform citizens about the European funds and how AREUS is increasing the intervention of helicopters and ambulances in emergency situations throughout Sardinia.
The funds are financing the project that we are monitoring, which is the installation of new technologies in helicopters, that allow the intervention in critique cases, such as bad weather conditions when other means of transport can not intervene

The HEMS project is part of a plan of interventions active throughout Italy, managed by AREU MILANO, in Lombardy. As for the Sardinia region, the helicopter rescue project was started by AREUS in July 2019 where a loan of 13,419,213 € was allocated by the European Union, destined for all three HEMS bases in Sardinia.

The aim is to guarantee the helicopter rescue service at regional level.


The project is currently in progress. The funds that are going to be allocated are €1,782,712.00 and currently about 22% have been issued (€406,930.04).
we took all the informations from the website of open cohesion that is continuously updated from the Italian government. It is a site where you can find all informations about funds allocated by the European Union in all Italian regions.


Intervento molto utile ed efficace - Gli aspetti positivi prevalgono ed è giudicato complessivamente efficace dal punto di vista dell'utente finale

The employees of AREUS that we interviewed have understood that the public wants to know their newly born reality and exponential growth and intend to make themselves known and expand their reputation in the territory.

Punti di debolezza

One of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the monitored project was the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, slowing down the procedure and organization, giving priority to other needs.

Punti di forza

The project is developed by local ASLs, the main companies in Sardinia that have several professionals who can work on this project.


Future risk of the monitored project could be the slowdown of the rescue process of all the Sardinian citizens.

Soluzioni e Idee

Some ideas to suggest could be the addition of a fixed number that includes all of the rescue services to avoid being redirect to different numbers including: 118 (sanitary emergency), 112 (carabinieri), 115 (fireman),113 (state police), 117 (finance police), 114 (childhood emergency), 1530 (coast guard), 1515 (forest emergency).

Metodo di indagine

Come sono state raccolte le informazioni?

  • Raccolta di informazioni via web
  • Visita diretta documentata da foto e video
  • Intervista con l'Autorità di Gestione del Programma
  • Intervista con i soggetti che hanno o stanno attuando l'intervento (attuatore o realizzatore)

Annalisa Moro and Andreina Foisare respectively the psychologist and the doctor of Areus, with the participation of Luca Deias the manager of Areus.

Domande principali

What's AREUS? What's its purpose?
What are PPE? How was it distributed?

Risposte principali

The goal of AREUS is to ensure and manage in the sardinian territory the emergency medical assistance. Asides from the 118 helicopter rescue, AREUS also manages the blood transport service, the 118 operating plants and the voluntary and rescue associations that work in the different villages.
The PPE is equipment like protective suits, coats, masks, protective visors, particular gloves and washable and sanitisable footwear, that protect the person who wears them from health and safety risks.

The PPE is given by AREUS to the first responders.