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KeyQ+ and the enhancement of the heritage of the Istria region

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The KeyQ+ project is the natural sequel of the previous KeyQ and valorizes the experience. The goals of the project are the valorization of the local agri-food products and the promotion of routes for tourists, usable in all seasons. During the period of activity of the project partner and stakeholders involved, have worked in order to form and inform the users, workers of the sector and citizens on the typical products and on their use in local recipes. In order to reach the maximum number of users and inform the territory have been organized info point, didactical kitchens and festivals.

What we found out


The project was closed on 30 September 2019, as highlighted in the project profile on Open Cohesion. We understand from our inquiry, carried out through the search of newspaper articles and advertising on the web, that the KEYQ+ project proceeded regularly without any substantial delays. on It achieved its goals in the set time ending on the 30th of September 2019.


Useful and effective

The main results of the KeyQ + project are a gastronomic guide and a tourist itinerary, didactic programs and exchange workshops for employees of the cross-border tourism and hospitality sector, as well as the creation of seven KeyQ + places that will be reference points for professionals, tourists and interested citizens. for culture and gastronomy. The key to the success of this project is a multidisciplinary approach, ie cooperation of all stakeholders in the sectors of culture and tourism, catering, gastronomy and agriculture, history and ethnography, architecture and social sciences and education. Our opinion is based on the final products of the project (recipes, video recipes, gastronomic cultural itineraries) and on articles found on the web on the various events organized. In addition, the project was awarded as the best EU project for the category 'Contribution to cross-border cooperation'.


From what emerges from the surveys carried out, the project has not been slowed down nor encountered difficulties.The project managed to achieve all its goals, however we don't know for sure its real effects also because of the many problems that the global COVID-19 pandemic brought to tourism.


The main positive aspects are the promotion of sustainable tourism in new areas instead of mass tourism and the realization of courses that led young people to know better the traditional dishes of the regions involved in the project.


The main risk is that the stop caused by the pandemic may nullify the results of the project.

Ideas and solutions

To prevent this, all the involved people, specially the stakeholders, should continuate the promotion of food and gastronomic itineraries

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Description of the case

Our monitoring is based only on research carried out on the net, if we could interview the organizations involved, users and stake holders we would have had a more complete idea of the results of the project

Investigation method

How was the information collected?

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