Civic monitoring report

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What we found out

Project objectives

One of the main objectives of this project is to promote sustainable development, as each structure should be administered by individuals who care not only about the economic side but, above all, the social and environmental good. To do this, our project focuses on the energy efficiency of the Lentini hospital; the reduction in consumption is only the most visible part of the beneficial effects.

Foreseen activities

The planned activities are: replacement of worn fixtures in the stays, installation of wind turbines and solar panels; finally, the insulation of the walls of the building. The planned start of the work was set for 01/02/2019; the actual start, on the other hand, was 09/08/2021. It is not yet concluded.

Project origin

The project is part of the initiatives of the Syracuse ASP relating to the energy efficiency of the hospitals in the province and in particular of the Lentini hospital. The administrative procedure followed was that of the project announcement with DDG n. 643 of 11/10/2019. The subjects involved in the planning upstream of the intervention were the technicians of the Syracuse ASP.


There are many subjects who benefit from the positive outcome of the project; it can be said that our project involves all citizens and, clearly, in the first person, users who use the hospital, but it is above all young people, as a future generation who is left with a more efficient and less expensive service.


It rises on a hilly area, so you can take advantage of the climatic and meteorological conditions of the place, such as wind and sunlight that provide solutions aimed at promoting energy and economic savings. Thanks to these conditions, the installation of solar panels and wind turbines becomes convenient.


The project is in an advanced state where some improvements have been made; in fact, the windows of the hospitalizations have been replaced and work is starting to install the solar panels. This is what was told to us by the engineer Breci Rosario and dr. Micale Antonino, as respectively technical manager of the Syracuse ASL and medical director of the Lentini hospital, at the monitoring visit we carried out on site.


From the monitoring visits carried out on 11/03/2023, it was found that they changed the windows of the patient rooms, but not those of the offices for which further funding will be needed. They are also taking care of carrying out site inspections to install solar panels. As far as the wind power plant is concerned, we are trying to understand if it is a reasonable investment, as it is noisy and unsightly, but functional from an economic and energy point of view.


Some weaknesses can be found in our project: one of these is the fact that the project didn't start in time. Another negative aspect is that only the front of the departments is insulated and, at the moment, there are no plans to build the rest of the structure.


Our project has many strenghts: for example, economical, as the institution managed to save on expenses; social, as it can be considered as a common good for the community and environmental, since the project is useful in order to reach sustainable development.


During the monitoring visit we were told that the current project is aimed only at hospitalization wards, and that they aim to expand the latter with other funds. The risk we have encountered is that this further project will not be implemented.

Ideas and solutions

A fundamental action to make the monitored structure even more effective is to carry out insulation throughout the hospital complex thanks to additional funding.

Results and Impact of the monitoring

Dissemination of results

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  • Responsabile Ufficio Tecnico , Asp di Siracusa
  • Direttore sanitario, P.O. di Lentini

Contacts with media outlets

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Contatti con le Pubbliche Amministrazioni per discutere i risultati del Monitoraggio

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Description of the case

Il progetto monitorato ha assicurato visibilità presso la cittadinanza e l'ha sensibilizzata riguardo la questione del risparmio energetico in edifici di pubblica utilità, come l'ospedale.

Investigation method

How was the information collected?

  • Web research
  • Visit to the project's location, documented by pictures or videos
  • Interview with the Managing Authority of the Programme which financed the project
  • Interview with people responsible for the project's planning
  • Interview with people responsible for the project's implementation

The engineer Breci Rosario and dr. Micale Antonino, as respectively technical manager of the Syracuse ASL and medical director of the Lentini hospital.

Main questions

1- Do thermal efficiency interventions only provide insulation for fixtures, or even the walls?
2- Have there been any delays due to the possibility of closing the hospital? If yes, which ones?

Main answers

Not in the first phase, but before starting the project activities we were able to ascertain that the main elevation of the semi-column is made up of already insulated prefabricated panels, unlike the accessory elements. In the second step, however, we focus on the walls, implementing the enhancement of innovative sources.

There have been hitches, but the hospital is not projected towards closure, but there is talk of moving some departments to more functioning areas. Given that the hospital is still an operating factory, even those activities that might appear complementary become complicated. The activities were planned for 5 months, a good 21 weeks, but due to the covid it has become complex to continue, since it was necessary to insert the covid department and suspend some activities, given the obligations required by the European Union, which implies the end of the works by 31 December of the current year, under penalty of the loan rule.