Civic monitoring report

Sent on 21/03/2023 | By Team Neurope - Liceo linguistico di Arconate

What we found out

Project objectives

The goal is to make the school safer both for the students and the school staff. For the purpose of the requalification and safety of the school, several tenders were launched, which were made known by the document ESPD and through the "economic offer annex C", where the various economic offers proposed are given and whose final amount paid is 52.533,72 €.

Foreseen activities

The project work started on July 28, 2015 (scheduled date) and was completed on October 23, 2015 three days in advance. The work was carried out by a single company:
" Francesco Marino e Figli" located in Lonate Pozzolo. Their work was aimed at upgrading the safety measures of the entire school premises in Arconate. 52,533.72 of the allocated budget of 57,489.03 was spent. This specific project was part of a bigger one that led to the seismic safety of the entire building.

Project origin

The project origin was born since we find essential the safety and efficiency of schools. In addition, the school accompanies us to form our future and, consequently, it is essential to live in a safe, peaceful and renewed space.
The project was scheduled by Miur, financed by Regione Lombardia and approved by Comune di Arconate.
We read the Delibera CIPE n.22 of 2014


Middle school of Arconate "A .Manzoni", including students and school staff.


Riqualification of the school safety, having a safe and functional school, since it's a point of reference for the municipalities of the hinterland


The project has been completed, it can be seen from the website:


Upgrading part of the middle school premises by removing all the asbestos still present, and bringing the stairwell (emergency exit) up to safety standards.
Fire-resistant doors were set up in the school.
The fire resistance system was connected to the municipal water supply system.


Due to the limited funding of only € 57,489.03, no further improvements were possible apart from the work already done.
In those years, there was no network that allowed the different local authorities to organize investments in a more coordinated way.
For each building intervention, either big or small, a long series of expense reports were issued (excessive bureaucratisation).


We can say it from the title of our project: the requalification and the safety improvement of the school allows to create a better atmosphere and a safer workplace


There are not risks

Ideas and solutions

We hope that our project could be a starting point for a costant improvement of many schools structures in the future and that the young minds involved in will be aware citizens.

Investigation method

How was the information collected?

  • Web research
  • Visit to the project's location, documented by pictures or videos
  • Interview with the Managing Authority of the Programme which financed the project
  • Interview with people responsible for the project's planning
  • Interview with the users and/or final beneficiaries of the intervention
  • Interview with political leaders

Contacts with public administrations:
Istituto Omnicomprensivo Europeo d'Arconate, Municipality of Arconate and Europe and Lombardy Region
Survey method:
Collection of information via web
Direct visit to the site where the adjustment and reconstruction work was carried out
Interview with the beneficiaries of the intervention
Interview with local administrators in office during the works
Interview with the people who carried out the intervention:
Andrea Colombo (Ex-Mayor)
Geom. Massimo Miracca (Head of the Municipality's technical office)
Francesco Marino (Administrator of the company carrying out the work)
School Teachers

Main questions

Why wasn’t the amount of money entirely used? What happened to the 5,000 euros left?
Good. Why is this project only aimed at renovating the middle school and not other school buildings?
What lind of needs analysis led to the realisation of the project?
And how was the work organized within the school?
How was this project designed and carried out?
What was your role during the project ?

Main answers

Ex sindaco Andrea Colombo:The total amount of money of 57, 000 € financed has been used to make multiple works.
As you know, the middle school project was assigned to the executing company with a tender that provided for an auction discount. This depreciation was about 10% of the total amount; for that reason 5,000 € were left apart on a total amount of 57,000 €. In fact the designated company won the tender thanks to its 52,000€ offer. This is why not all the money was spent. The remaining 5,000€ was then returned to the regional Government of Lombardy that had granted this funding.

Ex sindaco Andrea Colombo: Well, the project that we are talking about is part of a larger investment that took place over 3 years, so 2014, 2015 and 2016. The larger project had been presented the previous year, so in 2013 and it concerned only and exclusively the middle school complex. This means that there was already an original project that dealt with the renovation work on the middle school premises and so this money had to be spent on that within the 3 years established by the overall investment plan.

Ex sindaco Andrea Colombo: As I was saying before, unfortunately I was not the mayor in 2013 when this project was presented, so perhaps the surveyor Miracca can answer better than I can. Certainly an analysis had been made on what the real needs were from the fire prevention to the renovation of some facilities and services.

Ex sindaco Andrea Colombo: An analysis had been made of what were the real needs, for example as far as the fire protection system and safety measures over some premises and services were concerned. So obviously, given that there were these needs in the school complex, this project was drawn up and presented..

Geom. Massimo Miracca: As the mayor said before, the adjustment and renovation work was organized in 3 steps. The first dealt with the removal of asbestos. The second included the redevelopment of the stairwell and the enactment of the fire protection system. The third consisted of rebuilding what had been damaged. The organization of this contract started off with the selection process until the contractor is assigned the project and starts it.

Geom. Massimo Miracca: The project had been prepared by the technical office on the basis of the funds allotted, as the mayor has already said, by the regional government of Lombardy on behalf of the MIUR, the Education Ministry.
We made one individual project, then the regional government split it into three different ones: the first, as I said before, concerned asbestos removal, the second the fire protection system and the third included the renovation of the bathrooms.

Geom. Massimo Miracca:I was the planner, construction manager and single project supervisor, i.e. I basically followed all the projects across the board.