Civic monitoring report
From the metro to the airport

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What we found out

Project objectives

The goal of the project is to build an efficient subway with the Garibaldi-Capodichino section, its construction is an important goal for the Neapolitan community as it is a useful project for many age groups and above all for work and school reasons

Foreseen activities

With D.G.R. no. 362/2012, the UOGP was charged, as the structure competent for the implementation, for the admission to financing and for the assumption of the consequential acts, for the additional € 172,710,000.00 relating to the Great Project "Completion of the Civil Works and realization of the Technological Works of Line 1 of the Naples Metro.
The proposed official lot drawing on the resources of the O.O. 4.6 equal to € 172,710,000.00, in particular regarding the completion of the entire section is characterized by the following works:
station finishing works;
line technological works;
plant engineering works of the stations;
surface arrangements and redevelopment of the squares;
second exit at Toledo station in piazza Montecalvario.

Project origin

The new Poggioreale station of Line 1 of the Naples Metro will be on via Nuova Poggioreale in front of the entrance to the Monumental Cemetery and was designed by the architect Mario Botta.
Botta's project involved the recovery and use of the old customs barrier built by Stefano Gasse in 1830, transforming the pre-existing hemicycle of Poggioreale into a portico open to transit and pedestrians. The end of the works and the opening of the station are expected by 2024


The main final beneficiaries are citizens who are near the route in question, students or workers with the construction of the subway can enjoy the advantages such as the speed of moving from one place to another or otherwise, the disadvantages such as environmental and noise pollution


The needs of the territory in which the project operates belong to the citizens who live in those areas, the subway can finally make an area accessible that was not previously accessible, which is why its financing is important


Based on the interviews and the monitoring visits, we believe that we are at a good point.


We have no evidence yet regarding the results.


The work involves long waiting times and this does not facilitate the life of the people who live nearby


We hope that the construction of the subway will be useful and above all safe for every person who will use it.


The ineffectiveness of maintenance or neglect of the structure can compromise the obtainable results

Ideas and solutions

To involve citizens or create attractions that can come with more easily to people

Parità di Genere

Results and Impact of the monitoring

Dissemination of results

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Contacts with media outlets

Contatti con le Pubbliche Amministrazioni per discutere i risultati del Monitoraggio

We did not reach out to public administration

Description of the case

Possiamo dire che il nostro monitoraggio sulla costruzione della metropolitana può o potrà avere impatto su coloro che fanno uso di questo tipo di mezzo.
Il monitoraggio è stato utile anche per far comprendere a chi di dovere cosa migliorare del mezzo pubblico

Investigation method

How was the information collected?

  • Web research
  • Visit to the project's location, documented by pictures or videos

We, participants of the OpenCoesione project, have interviewed the teachers of our Institute, namely the I.S.I.S Caruso of Naples. In addition to the teachers of our complex, we have selected citizens of the Poggioreale-Naples district based on the following criteria:
1. Frequency;
2. Period.
The survey was carried out not only through a survey administered to the families of the school's pupils, but also through various questions posed to the vendors who own businesses near the Naples station.
The interviews were carried out during school hours, obviously with the presence of our reference teacher, who allowed us, together with the principal, to carry out this survey

Main questions

What are the positive aspects of the subway?
...and the negatives one?
The question was asked of a resident of the area
What do you think of the poor maintenance of the poggioreale cemetery?
the question was asked of a teacher who uses public transport to go to work

Main answers

The interviewees state that the construction of new subways can reduce traffic and shorten distances.
The negative aspects to improve, according to their point of view, are both the long waiting times and the security that should be increased