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Cosa abbiamo scoperto

Obiettivi del progetto

The general objectives concern the innovation and attractiveness of cities and urban networks through the diffusion of advanced quality services. Furthermore, this project has as its main objective the valorisation of the historical and cultural heritage through the rediscovery of citizens' meeting places. The project concerning the redevelopment of the rural village and the adjacent bakery has received funding to relaunch meeting places that can be freely used by the community on the occasion of anniversaries, also creating an important tourist attraction.

Attività previste

The project began on 22 July 2013 and ended on 8 August 2016. The reconstruction of the entire road network of the village and the reconstruction of the ancient community oven located in the center of the village were financed. The construction of the oven together with the restoration of the entire village was carried out to restore life and dignity to the village.

Origine del progetto

The redevelopment project of the Cotugno village was born as part of the European Economic Programming 2006-2012, through a Campania PSR and the tender envisaged the redevelopment of historical contexts, such as rural villages. The administration of the time decided to redevelop the Cotugno village. The redevelopment takes advantage of regional support, supplemented by European funds, for a total of 695,657.90 euros. In particular, 369,844 euros (62%) come from the EU, 68,357 euros (11%) from the revolving fund, 82,848 euros (14%) from the development and cohesion fund and the remaining 64,924 (13%) from the region and the municipality.

Soggetti Beneficiari

The subjects who can benefit are the inhabitants of the village, who can find themselves in the village to spend time together immersed in nature and taste the food produced by the village oven. Trying to enhance and give life to these places of peace. Nobody comes excluded because the village guarantees access to everyone: children, elderly people and people with disabilities can reach this place without difficulty as it is a vast place without obstacles.


The intervention was significant, because it not only redeveloped the urban fabric with the new flooring and new lighting. But it also created new meeting places and gave social, urban and aggregation dignity to a village that was almost disappearing.


The project has been concluded and all the interventions foreseen in the initial project have been carried out.


The project has been concluded and the positive aspects prevail and it is judged to be overall effective from the end user's point of view. The intervention not only redeveloped the urban fabric, with new flooring and new lighting, but also created new meeting places: the community oven and a small playground were rediscovered. But in particular it gave social, urban and aggregative dignity to a village that was disappearing.

Punti di debolezza

We found some of the information I needed on the official websites of the administrations, but we had to request some information and documents from the parties involved; not all administrations contacted responded quickly or at all.

Punti di forza

A strong point is that a dying village has been redeveloped and this affirms the love for the territory.


Visitors to the village who use the oven but not in the right way could endanger the effectiveness of the monitored project; it has already occurred that the benches have been destroyed.

Soluzioni e Idee

Actions and conditions that could increase the effectiveness of the monitored project could include greater supervision and sanctions in case of damage to services.

Metodo di indagine

Come sono state raccolte le informazioni?

  • Raccolta di informazioni via web
  • Visita diretta documentata da foto e video
  • Intervista con l'Autorità di Gestione del Programma
  • Intervista con i soggetti che hanno programmato l'intervento (soggetto programmatore)
  • Intervista con gli utenti/beneficiari dell'intervento
  • Intervista con i referenti politici

The people we interviewed were: the mayor of Vallesaccarda and the RUP, who followed the procedure from the beginning to the end. We also heard the opinion of a resident of the village.

Domande principali

Compared to the programming, do you think this intervention was significant? (Mayor of Vallesaccarda)
Has all funding been used for this project? (RUP)

Risposte principali

I would say yes, because it has redeveloped not only the urban pattern with new flooring and new lighting, but it also has created new meeting places, we have rediscovered the community oven, a small playground but the most important thing is that it has given social dignity and urban aggregation to a place that was somehow disappearing. (Mayor's response)
Well, the assigned amount was entirely employed for realization of this project. (RUP's response)