Civic monitoring report

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What we found out

Project objectives

Weams project is focused on next generation “information and communication technologies” (ICT), particularly centred on the development of an asset management system capable of optimizing renewable energy production plants, increasing efficiency and reduction of maintenance costs.

Foreseen activities

BaxEnergy’s project was started on 24/11/2016 and ended on 23/12/2018. The aim was to provide energy operators with a real management strategy resource integrated with the corporate functions of listing, managing, securing, purchasing as well as financial and human resources. Being a cutting-edge EAM (Enterprise asset management) solution, they also included within it planning activity, working order creation, maintenance of history and equipment, components and documentation, and HR (human resources) functions such as the skills database maintenance. They will implement the ever-new features to support Utilities, IPPs (Independent Power Producers) and power plant owners in making their business processes more efficient through automatic workflows, making information accessible from mobiles at anytime and anywhere, optimizing costs maintenance, improving efficiency and extending their assets lifecycle.

Project origin

BaxEnergy had been working for many years before the project Weams, developing assistance in the asset management for Renewable technology system already existing (similar to the one already available for monitoring and wind checking).
The aim was to join a further software system used in monitoring and controlling a pretty similar way.
Asset management is the monitoring system actually used for BaxEnergy in controlling in the whole monitored territory.


The ultimate beneficiaries of this project are all the citizens of the world, indeed, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it has been possible to develop a system that is able to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. Having efficient wind turbines means more energy available at a reduced price.


The territory gaining benefits from the Weams project is mainly the entire Eastern part of Sicily and some areas set in the Western parts of the island. However, even some areas in South America and India have been chosen as part of the project.


WEAMS (Web Energy Analysis and Monitoring System) project, developed by BaxEnergy in collaboration with the University of Catania, managed to build an integrated and highly configurable platform exploiting digital intelligence for the smart management of renewable assets, with a substantial reduction in costs related to operational and maintenance activities.The project, which began in 2016, ended in 2018 as Francesco Di Giunta said in the interview.


The WEAMS (Web Energy Analysis and Monitoring System) project, developed by BaxEnergy in collaboration with the University of Catania, started in 2016 and ended in 2018. Despite this, the WISES team, thanks to various research and discussions with engineer Di Giunta Francesco managed to gather a lot of information on the progress of the project in previous years. The goal of the project was to create a system to support asset management regarding wind energy issues. They have been achieved by creating an AI-based software system, which manages the sending of requests for action, which is capable of processing input reports, helping us to create a new age network that will be useful for future issues and with a couple of further developments such as optimizing the logistical times of analyzing complex networks. 


WEAMS project is undoubtedly a path-breaking project standing out as a huge innovation for renewable energy sources; on the other hand. By the way, it is important to take into consideration the potential challenges as well as negative aspects that might arise from such initiatives. The most evident flaw in the project is that lack of communication. As a matter of fact, finding useful information is a quite hard task.


The WEAMS (Web Energy Analysis and Monitoring System) project, developed by BaxEnergy in collaboration with the University of Catania, aims to build an integrated and highly configurable platform that leverages digital intelligence for intelligent management of renewable assets, actually reducing the costs related to operations and maintenance activities. This goal seeks to redefine traditional business management processes in the energy sector, capturing innovation and increasing productivity.
Certainly, one of the most interesting features of the project involves a substantial transformation in the maintenance and monitoring of wind facilities. The use of Artificial Intelligence has definitely simplified the timing detection of potential faults, allowing quick and efficient resolutions. This application of advanced technologies not only enhances the reliability of the facilities but also contributes to reducing costs and minimizing downtime and associated with maintenance activities.
The focus on web technology and data analysis is a key element of the project. These tools enable to optimize energy efficiency through accurate monitoring and detailed analysis of data as generated by the facilities. Moreover, the ability to make strategic decisions based on well-analyzed information is crucial for overall performance improvement and cost reduction.
Environmental respect is another positive aspect of the WEAMS project. Reducing waste and optimizing resource usage, the system clearly improves environmental sustainability. The combination of operational efficiency and positive environmental impact mirrors the right commitment to sustainable energy management.
The cooperation with the university reveals the commitment in education and academic researches. Indeed, not only does the project promote sectors of growth through the development of ground-breaking solutions but it also contributes to the development of new skills, preparing the future generations in handling the new challenges in the field of sustainable energy.
Ultimately, the WEAMS project represents a remarkable model of synergy between businesses and academic institutions, by addressing the crucial challenges in the energy sector in an innovative and sustainable way.


An Internet connection is essential to access, modify and update data concerning wind turbines. Considering that most power plants are located in places where Internet is not available, this issue slows down the efficiency of the project, causing experts first to take notes and eventually transferring the collected information to their computers.

Ideas and solutions

To improve the effectiveness of the renewable energy project promoted by BaxEnergy, clear and standardised power purchase agreements (PPAs) should be established to increase investors’ trust. Another idea could be implementing financial incentives and supporting policies in order to reduce market risk and stimulate funds. Furthermore, investing in energy efficiency measures might be a solution to reduce overall energy consumption.
The creation of energy communities that allow citizens to produce, manage and consume their own renewable energy could also be promoted. In addition, integrating energy accumulation solutions (storage technologies) to balance the intermittent production of renewable energy could be suggested as well.
Regarding digitalization and AI, a way could be found to improve the performance of assets and therefore optimize operations.

Investigation method

How was the information collected?

  • Web research
  • Visit to the project's location, documented by pictures or videos
  • Interview with people responsible for the project's planning
  • Interview with people responsible for the project's implementation

We met the engineer Mr Francesco di Giunta, Development Manager and Business Unit Director of the company BaxEnergy S.r.l Italy

Main questions

1- Can you mention the project’s goals and how they have been fulfilled so far? (engineer Mr Francesco di Giunta, Development Manager and Business Unit Director of the company BaxEnergy S.r.l Italy)

2- Did the project have any impact on the territory and if so, how would you describe it?
(engineer Mr Francesco di Giunta, Development Manager and Business Unit Director of the company BaxEnergy S.r.l Italy)

Main answers

1- The project has already been fulfilled because the project since it ended four years ago. The project goal was to create a system to support asset management regarding wind-energy problems. They have been fulfilled by creating a software system based on Artificial Intelligence, that manages the sending of requests in order to take action, that is able to process entrance reports, helping us to create a new-era networks that will be helpful with future issues and with a couple of further developments such as the optimisation of logistic timing of the complex-network analysis.

2- The engineer Mr Di Giunta Francesco (project manager of the WEAMS project) was born and live in Catania. The city is also the territory where all professionals have been recruited and it is also the area where BaxEnergy has been developing.
and it is the basin from where he recruited all the professionals and where the Baxenergy organization grew.
The project has led to several benefits:
job opportunities for the smarted local minds who got the opportunity to be involved in the project.
Enhancement of the territory, thanks to innovations in the high-tech industry. Consequently, a worldwide recognition of Sicily has spread thanks to the innovative start up.
Last but not least, Improved asset management.